brought to you by copious amounts of coffee at 3am (ordinaryink) wrote,
brought to you by copious amounts of coffee at 3am

fanart | derek's delivery service

fandom: teen wolf
challenge: tw_everafter
rating: g
media: photoshop
notes: kiki's delivery service au

basically I watched kiki's delivery service and was like, "that kid stalking kiki looks exactly like stiles!!!!" and then fell into place the natural progression of me going "I MUST DRAW THIS" and quested for a way where I can do it and not feel guilty AND THEN THIS BEAUTIFUL CHALLENGE OPENED UP AND ANY TYPE OF EVER AFTER IS MY FAVORITE EVER AFTER. I HAVE NO RESTRAINT.

so IDK. The cat was supposed to be Isaac, I guess? I GAVE HIM A SCARF. DOES THAT COUNT? NO? WHAT.

and then I didn't really know what to do with the bakery couple, so I just decided that wee!scott helping his mom out with the business would be adorable as fuck. And of course survivalist (I guess, right???) artist!erica because she always lives on in my heart. And in general. I'm in a constant state of denial, heyyy.

Tags: -fanart, challenge: tw everafter, fandom: teen wolf
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