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brought to you by copious amounts of coffee at 3am

fanart | hale's home for imaginary friends

fandom: teen wolf
rating: g
media: photoshop


(also if you've noticed that I deleted all my tags it's because I am giving my LJ an organizational makeover so sorry if you're cherie_morte and are being inconvenienced.)

Okay, so this actually took literally forever. I started it before s3 AND HAVE JUST BEEN STUCK. SO MUCH STICKING. SO MANY ART BLOCKS.

BUT I WAS WATCHING FOSTER'S HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS AND WAS LIKE, "WOW OKAY. MAC AND BLOO ARE TOTALLY SCOTT AND STILES" and then I tumbled down a hole of fuckfUCKFUCK because obviously I need to draw these things. And then I built a story because I am me, naturally. But I thought it would be great if Laura and Derek ran a foster home for imaginary friends who had no one. And Derek was hers, because she wouldn't, couldn't ever grow too old for him. Not after they lost their family. And they rebuilt their home JUST FOR THIS. And Derek is totally kind of maybe Mr. Herriman.

And then come along Scott and Stiles, and, like. They get into trouble all the time. And Mama McCall cannot handle to added stress and SCOTT FEELS REAL AWFUL AND BY EXTENSION SO DOES STILES. So they originally think that the foster home is regular lodging for imaginary friends etc etc etc plotline of show plotline of show. ANYWAY. WELL IT'S NOT. But they cut a deal that he can stay as long as Scott makes sure to be there after school everyday and they'll try to keep him from being seen/heard/adopted. And of course Scott will.

also Laura and Stiles form a bond over making Derek's life miserable and everything was beautiful. The End.

oh. and Jackson was meant to be a dragon, but I forgot the wings along the way, so now he's a giant seahorse. Just go with it. OR WHATEVER YOU WANT HIM TO BE. And I really thought badass princess Allison was a perfect concept because she would be some little kid's fucking hero tbh.

AND ERICA. If you have watched FHFIF, then you know why I made her into a unicorn. Don't ask what Isaac is because even I don't know.

(is that peter hale in the giant cage in back? MAYBE.)

Tags: -fanart, fandom: teen wolf
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